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Welcome to Lighthouse Counseling Solutions, your sanctuary for healing and overcoming burnout and perfectionism.


As a woman, you may feel the constant pressure to excel in every aspect of your life—whether it’s your career, personal relationships, or self-care. The pursuit of perfection can be relentless, often leading to overwhelming stress and burnout. You might find yourself:

  • Constantly Striving for Flawlessness: Setting impossibly high standards and feeling like you’re never enough (even though you can bake a perfect soufflé while answering work emails).

  • Balancing Multiple Roles: Managing the demands of work, family, and personal life, often without adequate support (remember that time you tried to be a supermom, super employee, and super chef all in one day?).

  • Experiencing Emotional Exhaustion: Feeling drained and depleted, with little energy left for yourself (because who knew “relaxing” could be so tiring?).

  • Facing Self-Doubt and Criticism: Questioning your abilities and being overly critical of your achievements (like thinking you're unfashionable for still wearing skinny jeans).

  • Sacrificing Personal Joy: Neglecting hobbies, relaxation, and activities that bring you happiness (because binge-watching your favorite series counts as self-care, right?).


These pressures can leave you feeling isolated, detached, and questioning your sense of purpose.


I invite you to take the brave step of seeking support and investing in your well-being. Together, we can navigate the challenges of burnout and perfectionism, guiding you towards a renewed sense of purpose, vitality, and personal fulfillment. (And hey, maybe even find some joy in imperfection along the way.)

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I specialize in supporting women like you who are navigating the treacherous waters of burnout and perfectionism. My goal is to provide you with a safe and nurturing space where you can heal, rediscover your passion, and reclaim your well-being (and maybe even laugh at the notion that ‘perfection’ is a real thing).


  • Revitalize Your Energy Levels and Overcome Burnout: I've been there! I help other women regain their energy and zest for life. Say goodbye to constant fatigue and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to embrace your day with renewed vigor.

  • Achieve Work-Life Balance and Inner Peace: Struggling with perfectionism and an unrelenting work schedule? Sessions with me provide practical strategies to help you balance your professional responsibilities with personal time, reducing stress and fostering a sense of inner peace.

  • Experience True Understanding and Support: Feel genuinely seen and heard in our one-on-one therapy sessions. I specialize in helping women who are the helpers in their lives, offering a compassionate, non-judgmental space tailored to your unique challenges and experiences.

  • Reignite Your Passion and Love for Life: Overcome the paralyzing fear of not being good enough. I can help you rediscover the joy and passion in your work and personal life, breaking free from the constraints of perfectionism and embracing your true potential.

  • Cultivate Self-Compassion and Self-Acceptance: Learn to treat yourself with the same kindness and understanding you extend to others. My therapy focuses on helping you break free from the relentless pressure of perfectionism, fostering self-compassion, and embracing your authentic self.


Picture this: a life where you’re not constantly beating yourself up for not having the perfect Pinterest-worthy life. Instead, you’re embracing the beautiful chaos and laughing at the little quirks that make you, well, you. Together, we’ll work on letting go of the superwoman myth (because let’s face it, even superwomen need a break sometimes) and finding the joy in imperfection. Ready to start your journey to a more balanced and joyful you? Let’s do this!


How I can help

My practice offers a comprehensive range of therapeutic modalities, designed to help you tackle burnout and perfectionism head-on (because you deserve more than just a bubble bath and a glass of wine, though those are nice too).

I prioritize a holistic approach that considers your unique needs and circumstances, empowering you to make sustainable changes in your life and career. Think of it as a custom-fit plan for your mental well-being, because one size definitely does not fit all.

I specialize in working with a wide range of professionals who often find themselves in high-stress roles, including:

  • Nurses

  • Doctors

  • Pharmacists

  • First Responders

  • Social Workers

  • Real Estate Agents

  • Therapists

  • Caregivers

  • And other helping professionals who need a little help themselves

Whether you’re saving lives or selling homes, it’s time to take care of yourself too. Let’s work together to help you thrive in your career and personal life, without the burnout and without the unrealistic perfectionism.


Help for the helpers

You’ve been the rock for everyone else, now it’s time to be your own hero. It’s okay to admit that you need help; in fact, it’s a sign of strength. Prioritizing your well-being is the first step to breaking free from the exhausting cycle of perfectionism and finding true joy in your life.

Let’s work together to create a life where you feel enough just as you are, where you can breathe easy and smile more often. You deserve to feel fulfilled, vibrant, and genuinely happy. Ready to embrace a more balanced, joyful life? Let’s embark on this journey together.

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Contact me today to schedule an appointment and begin your journey of healing and self-discovery.
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